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„It is time for morning coffee. I went out of seminar hall into castle’s balcony..."

Seminars and Conferences

Castle Green Hall – 112 sq m, up to 140 persons
Coffee Hall – 45 sq m, up to 50 persons
Salon Hall – 21 m2, up to 15 participants
160 EUR per day for all three halls
Additional Hall to the Restaurant – 20 sq m, up to 15 persons
10 EUR per hour


whiteboard 15,- EUR a day
multimedia projector - 35 EUR per day
screen included in the rent
free WiFi

Additional services
We cook and serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Prices from 8 EUR to 20 EUR per person per meal. If your seminar lasts several days, we have wonderful overnight accommodations for up to 66 guests. 

After a hard day of work, your guests will enjoy a festive dinner, our baths, horse riding and droshky or sleigh rides, picnic dinners, walking or painting in the park, reading books from the park library and other amenities.

If dinner lasts more than 2 hours or includes a night entertainment party, the following night event premise rental fees apply: for the summer season (June – September) refer to parties/summer_prices, and for the winter season (October – May) refer to parties/winter_prices. In case an overnight seminar is held on working days, a 30% discount is applied to rental of premises for night entertainment parties.

We care about your comfort!

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