Active recreation



Services of the Stable of Birini Manor

Welcome to have an open carriage or sleigh ride any time of the year. The experienced riders can go on longer tracks in the parks, the beginners can tame the horse in the paddock behind the stable.


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  • The small pony or horse back riding track – 5 € per round.
  • Photo shoot with a horse - 15 € per half an hour. At an additional cost, upon prior agreement, we offer photographer’s services.
  • Horseback riding – 15 € per half an hour, 30 € per hour.
  • Open carriage or sleigh ride – 20 € per 30 min, for groups – 40 € per hour
  • Ceremonious wedding cart – 50 € per 30 min.
  • When pre-booking a service provided by horses, you should expect that the service may be rescheduled if, most often due to weather conditions in winter, it is very dangerous or even impossible for the horse to perform it.
  • Entrance fee charged except for the seminar, banquet, and hotel guests.


Bicycle rent

There are several cycling routes to explore in the surroundings of Birini Manor. Cycle down the park lanes, go to Lauga Marsh or Eikazi. Take a picnic basket with you and reach Sigulda, Seja or Saulkrasti routes. 

  • The bicycle rent at Birini Castle 6 € per hour, 20 € per day (8.00-21.00). 4 bicycles available. 
  • The route maps available at the Hotel Reception.
  • Entrance fee charged except for the seminar, banquet, and hotel guests.


Lakeside activities

Boats and hydro bikes for the Watermill Lake are available for rent in the Watermill summer cafe, and the Manor Lake boats and hydro bikes are for rent at the entrance.


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  • Rent of a boat (3 pcs.) and hydro bike (3 pcs.) – 6 € an hour or 20 € per day (8.00-21.00).
  • Rent of a wooden boat – 12 € an hour or 30 € per day (8.00-21.00).
    Rent of a SUP board (2 pcs.) 12 € an hour per pc
  • Entrance fee is charged except for the seminar, banquet, and hotel guests.