There are three picnic sites in the beautiful surroundings near the Watermill. There is also a swimming site, sports ground, volleyball net, boat, and hydro bike rent. The Watermill Summer Café provides picnic sets for sale or rent. You can book a picnic site in advance. We provide picnic sets and snack baskets on advance request.

Choose the picnic site in Birini Manor


The Mill Locks is the most popular picnic site in Birini Manor.  It is located next to the locks on the lake with a campfire, 2 tables and benches.


It is located at the back of the mill building, where a plank floor has been built, a retractable roof for the terrace and a cast-iron boiler for the fire. An almost closed yard is formed here, and from the terrace there is an entrance to the lower floor of the mill. Tables and benches can be rented for an additional fee.


Another picnic site on the lawn near the Watermill is bordered by a lilac hedge. There are two tables and benches, and if necessary, the campfire is arranged with a grill.


Escape with your family, friends or colleagues and make a winter picnic at the campfire in the middle of glittering snow, having warming mulled wine and snacks. You can also ride a sleigh or an ancient wooden ice top carousel. Birini Manor Restaurant provides campfire pot soup, mulled wine and grills.

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2pikniks tab

birinupils leze tab

  • Picnic basket for 2 people  60 €. Snacks, drink, tableware, blankets and picnic cloths included.
  • Grill basket for 2 people  60 €. Snacks, drink, disposable tableware, grill, charcoal, lighters included.
  • Reservation of a picnic site 15 €.
  • The picnic sites on the Mill Locks and the Watermill lawn are free of charge.
  • The Watermill Lower terrace 15 € per hour.  
  • Arranged campfire 20 €.
  • Rent of the grill (big grill) – 15 € per day, the barbecue (small grill) - 10 € per day.
  • Firewood - 15€/bundle, 25€/bag; Charcoal 8€ per 2,5kg bag; Charcoal lighter fluid 5€ per 0.7 l, tinder sticks 5€/bundle.
  • Tent 3m x 6m (2 pcs.) 50 € each.
  • White tent with floor for rent in Chestnut Hill for events up to 70 persons - see prices here.
  • Wooden tables and benches per 10 people (8 pcs.) – 15 € each.
  • Disposable tableware – 0.30 € each, rent of regular tableware - 0,30 € each, rent of grill spits 0.30€ each, campfire pot 3€.
  • Cricket set – 5 € per day, Darts – 10 € per day, Volley-ball – 3 € per day.
  • Entrance fee charged, except for the banquet, seminar, and hotel guests.