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Florist, sound, lighting and other arrangements are crucial for the success of your event. Birini Manor itself is elegant and beautifully decorated, however, all additional accessories will emphasise your sophisticated taste and turn the event into a fairy tale.


Enrich your event at Birini Manor


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When it is getting dark the lampposts and torches are lit around the Manor Park. The atmosphere is enhanced by a candle path or way.

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The Champagne tower is an awesome attraction for your event.

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At Christmas, the Manor buildings are dressed in wreaths and lights with superb Christmas trees above all.

  • Candle way made up of 50 lit candles 100 €
  • One lit candle 2 €
  • Fireworks allowed until 23.00 by concluding an agreement and paying the fee of 70 €
  • Champagne tower of 30 glasses 30 €, drinks not included
  • Champagne tower of 70 glasses 70 €, drinks not included
  • Christmas decorations are free of charge.


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