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The surroundings of Birini Manor are a picturesque hideaway for lovers – three pavilions, five footbridges, floral fragrance, waterlilies in the lakes and the stork’s nest on the Castle Tower. With deep respect to you, the guests of honour, we woud like to recommend some ideas to enhance your special occasion.


1lapene Birinu pils tab


The Lakeside Pavilion has always been surrounded by romance. Now it has grown into a special place for the wedding ceremonies. The tune of the Wedding March is brought across the lake with the wind, and on the top of the stairs adorned with rose petals the couple is waiting to walk down the aisle decorated with flowers…



There is a legend about a young landlord’s son, who had fallen in love with a beautiful maid from the Manor and had been meeting her secretly under an oak-tree in the park.
Now the newlyweds come to the Oak of Love and following the old legend, give each other little bells to tie them together to showthe strength of their love. They leave the pair of bells up on the tree to borrow the power of the Oak.

4 birini castle tab


Ceremonious wedding cart takes the couple from the Main Gate to the front door of Birini Castle, round the lap of honour to the Oak of Love.

5 Birini castle tab


You can get closer to the sky on the Castle Tower up the stairs over the roof. Sipping champagne and enjoying the view over the lake, pavilion, park and even the stork’s nest on another tower opposite.

6jaunie laiva tab


Calming surface of the water lets and makes you leave your worries behind on the coast. Put the oars aside and share the moment on your own on a wooden boat in the middle of the lake.

7 birinupils tab


There is the Big Swing on the top of the hill near the Watermill. Ride up the wooden swing over the Watermill Lake and memorise the moment. Perhaps you want to cuddle each other gently to swing into the future you are going to share.


  • A pair of bells for the Oak of Love at reception - 7 € per pair.
  • The Lakeside Pavilion with the Castle reservation - 150 € per hour, for other guests - 290 € per hour (a cordoned off venue area included).
  • Garden chair  - 3 € each.
  • Tulle curtains for the lakeside pavilion - 40 €.
  • Ceremonial wedding cart - 50 € per 30 min.
  • Tour of the young couple in the boat 12 €/ hour.
  • Cordoned and guarded area for your event in the park 100 € per hour (3 guards).
  • Tent 3x6 m - 50 €.
  • Entrance fee charged, except for seminar, banquet, and hotel guests.