Several sandy swimming sites, boats for romantic rides, sun loungers near the floodgate where you can enjoy the sound of water flowing, and patient fishing are just some of the wide range of relaxation possibilities by the lakes in Birini.


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The Watermill Lake swimming site is a quiet, remote place not far from the Ethno Pub to have an ice cream or refreshing drink. There are loungers to lie down at the sight of the landscape and the sun. Splashing water plays a pleasant music falling into the floodgate. There is a changing room on the site and a shower on request in the Watermill.
For outdoor activities with a larger group of friends there is the Chestnut Hill picnic site and lawn with a volley-ball net. A volley-ball, cricket set and picnic tools are available for rent in the Watermill.


The Manor Lake swimming site is situated just before the main entrance to Birini Manor’s territory, therefore the entrance is free of charge to go swimming on the site. It is a public swimming site with a long and even sandy coast, particularly enjoyable for families with children.


Boats and hydro bikes for the Watermill Lake are available for rent in the Watermill summer cafe, and the Manor Lake boats and hydro bikes are for rent at the entrance.


There are fishing sites along the Watermill Lake coast line to make a seat and prop the rod. Fishing is allowed along the coast line inside Birini Manor, except for the swimming sites, Summer Café terrace and boat dock.
The old carps are the most wanted catch, floating slowly, sunbathing at the top of the water near the floodgate. Still they are very clever – it is an impossible challenge to catch them. In case you succeed, please send us a photo.


  • Watermill shower 11.00 - 18.00 – 5 € per adult
  • Rent of a boat (3 pcs.) and hydro bike (3 pcs.) – 5 € an hour or 12 € per day
  • Rent of a wooden boat – 6 € an hour or 20 € per day
    Rent of a SUP board (2 pcs.) 6 €/ 40min per pc
  • Fishing in the Watermill Lake – 10 € per rod
  • Entrance fee is charged except for the seminar, banquet, and hotel guests.