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  • The month you can expect lots of snow, ice, and frost in Birini. You can ride an ancient ice top wooden carousel.
    Observed: January 2015; January 2016


  • Mistaken the sound as a crack of the breaking tree, you can hear the woodpecker’s mating call. It makes a strange rattle against wood with its beak to summon female woodpeckers.
    Observed: February 2012


  • The owls make their mating call concert close to the biggest trees in the best nesting cavities at night.
    Observed: February 15-March 5, 2013


  • When the sap starts running in the park trees, it is time to tap and drink it. Enjoy fresh birch water at Birini Manor Restaurant every spring.
    Observed: April 2014


  • The nightingale is singing its powerful song and wild strawberry blossoms are covering Emily’s Park, it seems like scenes from Renate’s memories.
    Observed: May 2014
  • The maples are covered in little yellow-green blossoms. It seems like the trees are buzzing as they are crowded with bees and bumblebees next to the Committee Meeting House.
    Observed: May 2014
  • The stork comes back home to its nest on top of the Castle Tower.
    Observed: May 2014
  • The fragrant scent of blossoming lilies of the valley make you lose your balance…
    Observed: May 16 2014
  • At warm nightfall, singing of cricket moles (insect) in the damp places near the Watermill Lake or in the meadows suddenly stops when you get closer. Find a small, wet hole on the ground – the insect’s getaway, after it had tried to attract a female cricket mole, but failed with you.
    Observed; May 2014
  • Listen to the repertoire of the cuckoo’s calls. Latvians believe that if you have some money with you when you hear a cuckoo calling, you are going to have a plenty that year.
    Observed: May 2014


  • Listen to corncrakes (bird) calling in the Watermill lawn.
    Observed: June 2014
  • The fragrant scent of blossoming jasmines and white tea roses will blow your mind. Rest on the Manor Restaurant terrace or pick up some wild strawberries in the park…
    Observed: June 10-15, 2014
  • A thick blanket of blossoming dropwort covers the big meadows.
    Observed: June 25, 2014


  • The fragrant scent of blossoming linden is everywhere.
    Observed: July 2015


  • The hazelnuts appear in the Manor Park, the mushrooms sprout everywhere.
    Observed: August 2014; August 2015


  • Crowds of cranes come together on the big meadows, getting ready for their long journey. You can hear their calls in the distance. The first flocks take off in the sky.
    Observed: September 2014


  • The autumn leaves. The fallen maple leaves have a distinct scent, teasing to dive and wallow in the huge piles and bring the autumn fragrance back home.
    Observed: October 1, 2016


  • The darkest month and longest nights of the year, it is time to light the candles. It is time for torch-lit march and silent contemplation.
    Observed: November 11, 2016


  • The front door of the Castle is decorated in Christmas wreaths and lights. The big and the small fir-tree outside are richly dressed, pouring gleaming warmth and hope in the hearts and December night. A special Christmas mood is in the Castle Hall, where the Chsristmas tree and decorations make you feel like you are in the Nutcracker fairy tale.
    Observed: December 15, 2015 – January 11, 2016