We provide different indoor games for your leisure. Novus, the Latvian national game, is the most popular. Guests are also keen to play the Legend Hunters. Ask for the table top games at reception, there are also colouring pencils for your children, while waiting for the meal to be served.


The Novus game table is in the Restaurant Brick Hall. It can be moved to a place you desire. The cues, pucks and maintenance equipment is for rent at the Hotel Reception.



Legend Hunters is an exciting and educational quest, where you use your imagination and wit to follow the directions and legends to find the key to the prize…


  • Rent of the novus table includes 4 cues, a set of pucks and maintenance equipment 2 € per hour;
  • Legend Hunters 15 € per game set;
  • The players are also charged at entrance, except for the seminar, banquet, and hotel guests.