for 2 people

Make a pleasant surprise for your partner and enjoy an evening with wine in a luxurious room in the Castle and dinner at Birini Manor Restaurant. Spend some time for romantic walk exploring Castle surroundings in the evening or in the morning, when the light is the best for photoe moments and visit Pavilions, oak of Love, alleys and horses. You will be welcome to visit the top of the Castle tower as well.


The price includes:

  • Overnight stay in a luxurious room with high ceilings and windows.
  • Dinner in the restaurant worth 65€.
  • Wine and fruit served in the room €35.
  • Visit of the big tower of the castle.
  • Breakfast.


280 € Oct-Mai, but 24Dec, 25Dec, 31Dec, 1Jan 330 €
330 € Jun - Sep

Available till the 1th of May, 2024.