Sleigh rides, ice carousel, snow sculptures, snowball fights, and slides are all the advantages of Latvian winters. When the ice is thick and solid, when the snow crystals glitter in the sunlight, the trees are covered in frost and the animals’ footprints write the story of life on the blank sheet of snow.


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The horse is pulling the sleigh, tossing up the snow, flattering its mane and tail over the glittering fields. Snow on the lowest branches is falling on the heads at the lightest breath. It is so relaxing to enjoy the white beauty of winter…


The ancient ice top carousel has always been a great fun for Latvian children in winter. When the lake turns into a solid, thick, slippery surface, they put a sleigh at the end of a long wooden pole and was going around – heavy at the start it turned into a hilarious entertainment on the slippery mirror of the ice.


The white winter landscape is a perfect background for you and your colours. Capture the moment of the frosted trees in the morning sun-shine and make up your story about your friends and wonderful winter scenes.


  • Winter hot drink from Birini Manor Restaurant (in the park) 5 € per 400lm
  • The horse pulled sleigh ride 20 € an hour
  • Entrance fee charged except for the seminar, banquet, and hotel guests.