The Horse Stable of Birini Manor

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Traditionally there is a stable in the Manor, an open carriage, sleigh and equipment for horseback riding and training. Besides the horses, there is a pony and rabbits for children’s fun.


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Visiting the stable of Birini Manor you can meet Latvian breed pedigree horses. They come from a local breed of work horse, a descendant of the wild tarpan. The beginning of the breed dates back to the 17th century, registered and internationally recognised in 1952. Latvian horses are commonly used, especially characterised by its performance at concours, training and horse triple event.

There is Safran, Fortuna, Astoria, Likarda and Dalia in the stable of Birini Castle.


There is the Rabbits’ Manor just outside the stable. There is a blue-eyed hermelin dwarf rabbit Usins, a ram dwarf rabbit Rodger, blue vienna dwarf rabbit Zorro and domestic rabbits. The rabbits are active and nosy, you can even train them to respond to their names with enough patience.