There is a regular step garden with the Lakeside Pavilion in Birini Manor. There is also the Priezkalna Park with the Family Crypt from the 18th century, extensive Emily’s Park with a pond system from the 19th century, a small landscape park close to the Castle, the gardens and the old apple orchard.


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Priezkalna Park

It is one of the most ancient parks in the Manor from the 18th century. At present, there are some remains of the elements in the park. There is also the Family Crypt and the Mourning Alley built by Count L. A. Mellin from 1814-1819. There is a solid metal gate at the end of the alley. The maps of the park can be found in the architect J. W. Krause’s drawings from the 18th century, the pictures of the gravestones – in Broce’s drawings from 1790s.


Emily’s Park

Emily’s Park was arranged later during the construction of the new Castle building in the middle of the 19th century. The spacious park was made up by August von Pistohlkors in honour of his beloved wife Emily von Herder, on her impressive dowry she got from her millionaire uncle Stiglic in St Petersburg. An extract from the constructor of the present Castle August von Pistohlkors’s (1822-1886) notes: ‘October 20, 1874. I have started making a new park – cutting trees and making roads. I am going to call it Emily’s Park. We are going to continue in spring to open and consecrate it at Summer Solstice on Emily’s arrival. The stone stele at the entrance to the park reads: EMILY’S PARK. DEDICATED TO THE SOUL OF THE HOUSE, 1875’

Landscape Park

The Landscape Park lies from the stables to the Gardener’s House. It was arranged at the end of the 19th century after the wooden buildings near the circuit drive were destroyed during the fire and demolished. It was arranged by planting rare trees with beautiful leaves.


Oak (Quercus robur)
It is 5 m around. It is a symbol of masculine strength in Latvian folklore. The tree is decorated by pairs of wedding bells from the newlyweds. The Oak of Love is in the middle of the Landscape Park and can be seen from the Castle. It is lit at night and there is a bench to rest around it.

Regular Garden

The Regular Garden between the Castle and the Lake is different. It lies over the terraced steps with stone-brick stairs which lead to the Lakeside Pavilion. It is a popular background of countless photos and wedding ceremonies with oaths of eternal love. In the past, there were huge trimmed thujas in the corners of the central quarter of the Regular Park. The quarters on the sides were bordered by trimmed linden-trees. The garden was decorated with gorgeous vases and there were two metal deer sculptures on both sides of the upper terrace near the Castle.

Orchard and Vegetable Garden

Behind the stable there are old orchards with full apple trees at the end of the summer. Behind the Gardener’s House in the South there is a vegetable garden with herbs for the Manor Restaurant.


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