Surrounded by lilac blossoms Birini Manor hosts the Pentecost festival in the Gardens of the Manor. There is a Pentecost service, music, a painting exhibition, the Great Schlager Music Concert and Dance, crafts market, a fair for children and adults, open-air cafés, and other attractions. Good for a family holiday!





Pentecost Sunday at Birini Castle is one of the most prominent season opening garden parties, which hosts about 2000 visitors. The festival is opened by an open-air Pentecost service held by the well known pastor, Rev. Ivars Jekabsons. As in the old days, it is followed by the Great Schlager Music Concert and Dance. The guests are entertained by more than 20 of the most popular Latvian bands and musicians. All are invited to the dance floor to support the old-time tradition of the Pentecost festival.